What Our Clients are Saying…

“Sometimes in life a person finds herself wandering around in a dark room. No matter how hard she tries, she just can’t find the light switch. She bumps into things and finds herself bruised and ready to give up. But with the blessing of God, someone comes along with a flashlight and sheds a little light on her dark world. It happens gradually, but everything begins to come into view. Everything she sees may be no good, but she can face them because she’s no longer alone.
Because of Dr. Armstrong and her flashlight, I am no longer fumbling around in the dark. Therapy has been a long and, at times, an extremely painful process. I don’t know if I would’ve been able to commit to the work if I had been under the care of another person. The best part of therapy for me is that Dr. Armstrong allows me to process at my own pace…she doesn’t push. If an issue arose that I didn’t want to discuss, we didn’t discuss it. However, it was not dropped. She just had a way of gently redirecting me so that I was able to confront and deal with the issue in the way that was best for me.”

– 29 year-old woman struggling with depression

“[My] experience with [this] organization is consistently warm, welcoming and without judgment.  Principles of healing are not only taught but demonstrated by staff every step of the way!”

– 40-something, project manager


“[Our son] has opened up more to Dr. Armstrong in 6 weeks, than in 18 months of therapy with our psychiatrist. Excellent rapport of Dr. Armstrong with our teenager. [We] appreciate her consideration of family dynamics and individual issues.”

– 50-something, physician speaking of 16-year-old son


“The Armstrong Center for Hope has been an answered prayer for my family and me.  I don’t know where I would be without Dr. Armstrong in my life. Thank you and God bless.”

– 30-something, schoolteacher

“We appreciate the integration of the best of [psychology] with the convictions of a deeply-held Christian faith. We searched a long time to find someone interested in holding these two together.”

– 40-something, pastor

 “We have seen the outcomes we were looking for when our daughter first started in therapy with Dr. Armstrong. She understands herself better and has made strides to build on her strengths. Integrating the spiritual component into therapy has made a substantial difference in the therapeutic process and our daughter’s reception to it. We are seeing her as being more confident, more accepting of herself, better able to communicate with us about what is happening in her life and what she is thinking. In addition she has incorporated suggested techniques for time management thus reducing stress and accomplishing what she wants to. Overall I would say having the combination of spiritual guidance, life coaching and therapy is far more effective than therapy alone for our daughter. She has grown spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually.”

– 50-something, university administrator speaking of 17-year-old daughter

“This is an extremely positive place that helps me tremendously – the therapy is excellent and the staff are awesome!  When I am here, I feel like I am among friends who support me and cheer for me. This place helps me become the person I want to be.”

– 30-something, researcher

“Holistic services treating the whole person—Thank you to The Armstrong Center for Hope.” 

-40-something, stay-at-home mother