Sharyn Holland

Sharyn Crawford Holland, ACFH Office Manager, was born and raised in Durham NC. From an early age, she recognized that she was a Daddy’s girl, realized that she was funny, saw things differently, and was very determined. Having been born when her brother was seventeen, she experienced being the baby of the family and the only child at the same time, which led to an early interest in behavioral health. Being a mother and a wife has also prepared her for working in the field of mental health. “Being honest, compassionate, serving as a role model, and allowing space for mistakes through tough love seemed to be working as tools my kids responded to. So I learned those traits would be the foundation for many to learn their way and stand on their own.”

Having studied at Durham Technical Community College and Kaplan University, Sharyn’s experiences in the mental health field include working as a residential counselor at a local shelter and eventually serving as office manager at a behavioral health agency. She has over twenty years of passion, love and understanding for mental health populations, services and the paperwork. In her own words, “I understand all come together to build one. I am a permanent fixture in the field and I continue to grow along with the clients I serve because helping others waters my soul.”