HarDarshan Khalsa, MA, LPC

HarDarshan Khalsa, MA, LPC

HarDarshan has lived in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina since 1983, except for four years spent in Boulder, Colorado, where she completed her Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Counseling at Naropa University.

Transpersonal Counseling is based on a holistic understanding of the human being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. HarDarshan approaches her clients with the understanding that “we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” HarDarshan has also trained and worked as a hospital chaplain, working with a wide range of health conditions and religious backgrounds. In addition to chaplaincy and counseling, HarDarshan has been teaching yoga and meditation since 1985, and excels in helping clients manage stress.

Her counseling specialties include:

*spiritual direction

*chronic and life-threatening illness

*death, loss, and grief

*women’s issues

*the highly sensitive person


*sand tray therapy

You may reach HarDarshan at hkhalsa@armstrongcfh.com. 

HarDarshan’s Initiative…


Therapy Group at The Armstrong Center for Hope
5315 Highgate Dr., Suite 102
Durham, NC 27713

If you are: intuitive, & empathic, sensitive to light, noise, sound, smells, temperature; affected by the energy & emotions of others; more emotional than others you know; someone who needs adequate rest and time alone; conscientious; someone who processes information deeply; often feeling that you are different from “everyone else”; highly imaginative; seen by others as shy; sensitive to criticism; or someone who avoids violent movies/TV shows –

You may be a highly sensitive person (HSP)! According to psychologist Dr. Elaine Aron, only 15-20% of the population are highly sensitive. Because we are the minority, it can be a common experience for an HSP to ask themselves, “What’s wrong with me?” Next time you find yourself asking that question, try asking, “What is my intuition telling me?” Learning to love yourself and silencing your inner critic are important steps in using your sensitivity as an asset, rather than letting it be a liability.

HarDarshan Khalsa, a therapist at The Armstrong Center for Hope specializes in counseling clients who are highly sensitive. Her goal is that you experience your sensitivity as a strength and a gift.

This therapy group is a great opportunity to receive support and learn coping skills. It is also economical: $40 per each 1 ½ hour session, with a discount of $35 per session when you pay for all 6 sessions up front. Pre-registration required. Call (919) 418-1718