Marlen Mercado

Marlen Mercado has lived in North Carolina since 1998. She was born in Mexico state but grew up in Winston-Salem and moved to Durham in 2014. She then gave birth to her baby girl in March 2015. Ms. Mercado started working in 2015 as a tax preparer. Subsequently, she has worked at an auto parts store and a veterinary hospital. Ms. Mercado holds certifications as a dental assistant a biotechnology specialist. Ms. Mercado enjoys helping other people and has always found the medical field to be fascinating. She has worked at The Armstrong Center for Hope since August 2019 and hopes to grow along with the business. 

In her free time, Ms. Mercado enjoys spending time with her spouse and daughter. She also enjoys reading mystery as well as fiction and nonfiction. For fun, she likes to play piano from time to time and enjoys nature walks.